How It Works

Cost reduction when buying new drum heads
New drum heads will cost a lot less as you don't need to buy heads with integrated damping systems. The DAMP CLAMP means you can even use single ply drum heads without losing the sound of pre-damped heads.

No loss of sound and dynamics
The DAMP CLAMP damps the head, not the shell. The drum shell keeps its sound and low-end bass frequencies reach their full potential.

  •  Independence from head features- Damping is irrespective of the character of the drums which means you have a wider selection of heads. Even the sound of single-layer heads can be controlled more easily.
  • No more sticky resisdue on shells and drum heads- No extra parts needed!All the screws you need to fix the DAMP CLAMP are already part of your kit. Just use the screws of the lugs inside the shell. Annoying sticky residue on heads or shells are a thing of the past.
  • The system stays in position even when drum heads are changed - When you change your drum head, the DAMP CLAMP system stays where it is. No more slipping ore re-adjusting of your damping system which will speed up the change of your drum head.
  • The drummer defines the position of the dampers not the system - The DAMP CLAMP can be used and fixed in any position in the shell. Above, at the side or at the bottom: You decide where you want it to be.
  • Fully adjustable pressure of damping material - The drummer defines the pressure of the damping material against the drum head by adjusting the position of the DAMP CLAMP which mens the level of damping is not pre-defined, but up to you and the way you want it.
  • No more damaging of the dampers - As the DAMP CLAMP is fixed inside the drum it is protected from any damage. Even very high or low tuning cannot affect or damage the DAMP CLAMP system as it works independently from any state of stress the head is in.